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24 czerwca 2015

Tastes in the kitchen

24 czerwca 2015

Ice Land

24 czerwca 2015

ICE LAND – ice cream parlour design…

Upcoming holiday, the sun, high temperature have always drawn people to the ice cream parlour – land of frozen delight.

When I close my eyes, parlours from my childhood pop into my mind – I see a tall mister in a white apron, I can smell the waffles.

What do the modern look like?

Nowadays, ice cream parlour is not a place, where you can buy a delicious frozen treat. It is a thoroughly stylized place, where apart from the taste you can also enjoy a delightful interior design.

Modern ice cream parlours put strong emphasis on design. Not only does it show in thoughtful selection of tiles, tables, lamps or chairs, but also in a deliberate setting of equipment. Only several years ago a refrigerated pastry case had a single purpose – to keep its contents in appropriate temperature. Today, it appears, that its design is equally important.

Only those with the design up to date with world’s modern trends will stand out. Among them, my favourite: LIMOSA, produced by ES SYSTEM K. It is also impossible not to take notice of the beautiful Lenari light fitting, suitable for pretty much every display window.

Above are some examples of most inspiring ice cream parlour interiors, I’ve seen.

source: www.retaildesignblog.net; www.dezeen.com

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