20 lutego 2015


20 lutego 2015

Sweets are the subject of poems, exhibitions, TV programs and culinary blogs, and ideas for showing the worldwide love of sweets never run out. But how can a producer of coolers use these confessions of love? We bought the KochamSlodkie.pl domain with the intention of creating something special. Two years have passed since we sowed the seed of an idea, and now that seed’s day has come! We started preparing for the largest confectionery-bakery fair in the nation, and that turned out to be the ideal moment to start KochamSlodkie.pl.

That’s how this blog, so different from others, got its start. The blog has become our inspiration to design both details and entire interiors with this one taste in mind. We gathered together our designer friends from Poland and abroad, and from now on we’ll be sharing our inspirations with you under the name Sweet Tooth.

We hold a deep respect for tradition, but everything that we create is marked by innovation, we pay obsessive attention to detail, we treat food and all its accompaniments as high culture. We nurture the seed until the final effect which results in a readily identifiable brand.

In our Sweet Tooth collection, you can find shirts, badges, a bag, a package of ecological flour from our very own fields in the pristine wilderness, an invitation and a brochure showing four design concepts for a café, a cake shop, a bakery, and ice cream shop. And this is just the beginning – we love Sweet Tooth!

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