18 March 2015


18 March 2015


18 March 2015

Interiors full of the color of lavender, embroidered table cloths and candles …
“God is in the details” you could say, quoting Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, when it comes to interiors full of details and carefully chosen accessories.
One example of a style which perfectly captures the essence of place, in which nuance is vital, is the Proven
çal style. Full of passion, pastel colors, bleached wood, wicker ware and natural fabrics … We could go on forever.
And here the question arises – why are accessories so important?
We rarely think about why we return so willingly to certain places, while other places don’t have the same appeal for us.
Sometimes it’s the details that make the difference in an interior, they create a unique mood and atmosphere. It’s thanks to a well-chosen color palette and accessories that we create a unique effect, one which very often affects the so-called “climate” of the interior, more often than not a key to the success of a given locale.

Above are a few examples of just suck places. Pay close attention to the exceptionally cozy interior of a small café in Olkusz, Kredens café, and to how the refrigerated counters blend into their surroundings so perfectly (Carina 02 i Sagitta, ES SYSTEM K). The lighting fixtures, DLN Skirt (LAKO), are also a perfect match.

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