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9 September 2016

Dom Chleba

9 September 2016

“Dom Chleba” Baking and Confectionery Shop is a family business which has been run continually since 1994. Here, all products are made from natural ingredients in accordance with traditional recipes.
The owners, being aware that customers’ demands are nowadays increasing, have decided to modernise the image both in terms of visual identification and interior design.
The first pilot shop of the whole chain was set up in Dobczyce. It served as model while opening new shops. Each time, a special attention was paid to uncompromisingly conform to the original design intent.
In all new places, bright, warm colours softened with black and grey elements are prevailing. The use of natural materials corresponds with the philosophy of baking bread and confectionery products that are offered to customers. Additionally, their carefully selected colours make the interior very pleasing to the eye.
Due to customers who have placed their trust in the Kocham Słodkie team as well as showed their openness and commitment, it was possible to preserve the unchanged design in successive places.
Thanks to modern patterns, functionality and unique presentation, ES SYSTEM K products have been selected to decorate the interior.
Professional lighting solutions provided by Lako also constitute a very important element of the decoration, highlighting the best features of displayed products.

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