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26 August 2016

Dom Chleba

26 August 2016

Sweet Life

26 August 2016

If you have developed a taste for sweet things and you want to while away the time drinking coffee in an interesting interior, feel invited to the Słodkie Życie café in Gliwice. In this place, which name literally means “Sweet Life”, you can spend perfectly pleasant moments admiring a compilation of various styles, colours, sets of furniture and accessories. For certain, the visit to the café will stick in your mind for a long time.
It is worth stressing that the café is an interesting landmark on the map of Gliwice. For decades, the building served as a butcher’s shop and then, as Wędzonka, a well known shop where smoked bacon was sold. Conservation works on period art nouveau tiles took more than 6 months. The investor wanted to create a modern place remembering its history.
Black and gold Downlight Catania light fixtures look particularly impressive in the café (
Filled with admiration, we enthuse mostly over a very personal declaration made by the Owners themselves: “We invite to our little sweet empire created with passion served by us both on a plate and in a cup”.
Małgorzata Kamińska (ZEN INTERIORS) is the author of the project. Congratulations!

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