Dom Chleba

Studio Projektowe GRID - 9 września 2016

„Dom Chleba” Baking and Confectionery Shop is a family business which has been run continually since 1994. Here, all products are made from natural ingredients in accordance with traditional recipes. The owners, being aware that customers’ demands are nowadays increasing, have decided to modernise the image both in terms of visual identification and interior design. The first pilot shop of the whole chain was set …

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Sweet Life

ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 26 sierpnia 2016

If you have developed a taste for sweet things and you want to while away the time drinking coffee in an interesting interior, feel invited to the Słodkie Życie café in Gliwice. In this place, which name literally means “Sweet Life”, you can spend perfectly pleasant moments admiring a compilation of various styles, colours, sets of furniture and accessories. For certain, the visit to the …

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La Bagatela

ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 29 lipca 2016

In Sopot, travellers make their time more pleasant in La Bagatela, a cosy French bistro in the main hall of the new railway station building. They choose the place to eat breakfast, light lunch or supper. While spending time in the bright interior, you can easily feel that Paris was of great inspiration for creating La Bagatela. Space, much light, bright colours and natural materials …

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ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 18 lipca 2016

The owners of Doppio Cafe Bistro have decided not to follow patterns so commonly repeated in places where we can buy bread and rolls. In cooperation with architects, they created an unusual bistro where tradition is combined with modernity, thus ensuring a truly breathtaking design. Bartkowscy is a family bakery having its roots in 1927. Currently, they have 18 shops in Toruń. In 2014, in cooperation …

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