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29 July 2016

Poziom 511

29 July 2016

There is a place in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland where you can truly enjoy your life. The only thing you have to do is to get through a stone gate to the top of the hill where “Poziom 511″ is situated. Then, you will have an opportunity to admire unusual views. Isolated calcareous rocks freely entering the interior of the restaurant, excellent cuisine, a unique spa and wellness centre, a swimming pool with spring water… Could you ask for more to feel happy? A book? You will find many of them in the bookstore. A hammock? There is one in the nearby garden. Something sweet to eat? Relax in the coffee bar just by the entrance.
The author talks about the unique architecture of the place in a rather trivial way, calling it a “small tent”. But there is something more in it as the comparison reflects the beautiful story of how the idea to create this place was produced. “Since the area was created, 3 million years have passed. Our building will probably stay here for 100 years, maybe even for a shorter period of time. Somebody will come here to implement another idea, to extend the hotel or to knock it down. This place is here just for a while. We are only nomads who have built their small tent but will soon move somewhere else. And from our point of view as humans these rocks will stay here forever. That is why a tent seemed to us to be the most suitable form.” – Tomasz Wuczyński from Plus Architekci said.
Here, nothing is left to chance. Everything seems to be well-thought-out: the shape of bottles in the restaurant as well as the selection of each chair and lamp. Among the designer items, you will also find the Limicola confectionery counter which pared-down style harmonises well both with the coffee bar and the reception.

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