Milan Design Week 2016

18 July 2016

Poziom 511

18 July 2016

The owners of Doppio Cafe Bistro have decided not to follow patterns so commonly repeated in places where we can buy bread and rolls. In cooperation with architects, they created an unusual bistro where tradition is combined with modernity, thus ensuring a truly breathtaking design.
Bartkowscy is a family bakery having its roots in 1927. Currently, they have 18 shops in Toruń. In 2014, in cooperation with mode:lina architekci, the owners designed the interior of a new café at Aleja Solidarności – Doppio Cafe Bistro, giving it a unique atmosphere.
The almost 100-year history of the family business provided a great inspiration for the project. The aroma of freshly baked bread, big ovens and old baking trays made the work easier for the designers. The interior of the new café is a combination of traditional and modern design.
Old patinated trays were infused with new life as decoration on the walls and as lampshades. A traditional atmosphere was created with the help of elements referring to shapes of ovens. Combination of natural wood and white glazed tiles also turned out to be a good choice. The counter and elements of light fittings were made from meticulously selected wood resembling the one used as a fuel for the stove. On top of that, the black and white floor in a traditional chequered pattern commonly used in shop interiors perfectly matches and completes the design.
The counter, Carina 04, distinguished by its subtle construction, was provided by ES SYSTEM K. Specialist lighting solutions applied in the whole café were provided by LAKO.




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