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29 July 2016

Sweet Life

29 July 2016

La Bagatela

29 July 2016

In Sopot, travellers make their time more pleasant in La Bagatela, a cosy French bistro in the main hall of the new railway station building. They choose the place to eat breakfast, light lunch or supper.
While spending time in the bright interior, you can easily feel that Paris was of great inspiration for creating La Bagatela. Space, much light, bright colours and natural materials are the essence of the French style. Subtle tones of colours as well as the smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries invite you to relax in the bistro at least for a while.
Here, you can buy a lot of types of bread, croissants and sweet snacks. But the speciality of the French baker who makes pastry in front of clients’ eyes are French loaves which are also baked with olives, dried tomatoes and dark beer. The length of the menu is not very impressive. But in such places all we need is a slice of crispy bread and some butter.
To present the uniqueness of the specialities served in the bistro, it was decided to use a multi-functional product line provided by ES SYSTEM K  – Phoenix. The aesthetic appearance of bakery products is highlighted also by light fixtures provided by LAKO.
A visit to La Bagatela is a real feast for the palate and for those who value simplicity and stylish interiors.

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