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Tastes in the kitchen

ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 8 lipca 2015

Kitchen is my beloved place… It is here, where I turn on the coffee machine and await for the best coffee every morning… with my eyes still closed. It is here, where I flip the pancakes, cover them with dark, melted chocolate, whipped cream (Skała 30% cream exclusively!) and raspberry jam. It is here, where the best culinary ideas come to mind (pudding tartlet – …

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Ice Land

Monika Grojec - 24 czerwca 2015

ICE LAND – ice cream parlour design… Upcoming holiday, the sun, high temperature have always drawn people to the ice cream parlour – land of frozen delight. When I close my eyes, parlours from my childhood pop into my mind – I see a tall mister in a white apron, I can smell the waffles. What do the modern look like? Nowadays, ice cream parlour …

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Sweet Corner

ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 24 czerwca 2015

It’s not a rare thing, that business relation becomes friendship. That was the case with the owners of a lovely coffee house in Beskid Sądecki. We created this as a part of Kocham Słodkie project and celebrated the opening of Sweet Corner in Muszyna. The ES SYSTEM K refrigeration equipment and LAKO light fittings go along well with the provençal vibe of the bakery.

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