marzec 2015


Studio Projektowe GRID - 27 marca 2015

The Zakrzewski family cake shop Designing the „Degustacja” café and cake shop located in the very heart of Bełchatów was a very interesting challenge for us. During the design stage we were fortunate to work with a customer who trusted the experience of our team, and who chose a comprehensive service which allowed us to introduce modern solutions which are both functional and esthetically pleasing. …

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Monika Grojec - 18 marca 2015

Interiors full of the color of lavender, embroidered table cloths and candles … „God is in the details” you could say, quoting Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, when it comes to interiors full of details and carefully chosen accessories. One example of a style which perfectly captures the essence of place, in which nuance is vital, is the Provençal style. Full of passion, pastel colors, …

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ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 13 marca 2015

The Expo Sweet Fair lasted a mere four days, but we found a way to return to that magic atmosphere, to those sweet aromas and places, to once again meet all those exceptional people who showed us that it’s all worthwhile … Thank you everybody for such a warm reception of our stand, fond regards to everybody with a SWEET TOOTH! See you next year!

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Monika Grojec - 3 marca 2015

In the last few days, we’ve open four cafes in Warsaw especially for you. All just to show that the choice of refrigerated counters and furnishings from ES SYSTEM K guarantees ease in interior design and unlimited possibilities. At our stand at Expo Sweet, we hosted lovers of interior design, both modern and classic. The Catania Food Boutique area attracted fans of minimalism. All due …

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