kocham słodkie

Sweet journeys

ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 31 lipca 2015

Our team – Sweet tooth is traveling. We crossed hundreds of kilometers by sea, lands, oceans, stating that sweets are an essential and nicest part of our trips. We had the pleasure to taste delicious ice creams, close to the Red Square in Moscow.  Ice creams in a crispy waffle is a tradition in Moscow GUM (Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin). In July 1954 it was decided …

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Sweet Corner

ES SYSTEM K TEAM - 24 czerwca 2015

It’s not a rare thing, that business relation becomes friendship. That was the case with the owners of a lovely coffee house in Beskid Sądecki. We created this as a part of Kocham Słodkie project and celebrated the opening of Sweet Corner in Muszyna. The ES SYSTEM K refrigeration equipment and LAKO light fittings go along well with the provençal vibe of the bakery.

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