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8 lipca 2015

Sweet journeys

8 lipca 2015

Tastes in the kitchen

8 lipca 2015

Kitchen is my beloved place…

It is here, where I turn on the coffee machine and await for the best coffee every morning… with my eyes still closed.

It is here, where I flip the pancakes, cover them with dark, melted chocolate, whipped cream (Skała 30% cream exclusively!) and raspberry jam.

It is here, where the best culinary ideas come to mind (pudding tartlet – one of the latest).

It is here, where family quarrels make things „fly”.

It is here, where liqueurs are stored, that will later prove to be essential during long existential conversations had at any time of day or night.

I know from experience, that a well lit culinary experimentations area gives more than 50% guarantee for achieving an astonishing kitchen success. I recommend all light fittings that provide uniform and proper illumination level and will inspire to cook with new energy, even after a long tiring day.

Much like the art of cooking; shapes, forms, colours, fittings configurations on ceiling are all left to the imagination!

Below are some tasty ideas that inspired me.
All materials and realizations delivered by LAKO.

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