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21 maja 2015

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21 maja 2015


21 maja 2015

We rarely realize just what an important place in the house is our child’s room – and not just for the child. Parents often vicariously fulfill their own childhood dreams when designing a room for their child. Fortunately – before the room is „demolished” in our child’s teenage years – we can decorate it in our own style, with the needs and desires of our child in mind.

There are a lot of areas in a room where we can let our design fantasies run wild – today I’ll be concentrating on lamps.

This apparently minor element can be can be vital in bringing it all together.

Lighting designers have been trying to outdo each other in the race for new and original ideas, and more and more creative results have been coming out. Naturally, apart from their purely functional aspect, light fixtures more and more often also play an equally important esthetic role, and capture the viewer’s attention with their style.

A lamp in a child’s room can be in the form of a sweet little balloon or an oh-so-light cloud, it it can explode with rich hues making your child’s world even more colorful. It can transport the child into the depths of the sea or high in the sky.

So the question remains, should parents attach a lot of importance to the interior decoration of their child’s room? Definitely yes! It will begin the forming of your child’s own feel for esthetics right from the earliest years, which will certainly pay off in terms of style in adulthood.

Below are examples of really outstanding lamps which caught my eye.

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