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18 lipca 2016

Milan Design Week 2016

18 lipca 2016

At a chocolate boutique

18 lipca 2016

If you know at least a bit about the confectionery industry, you must have heard about the new trend towards presenting chocolates and other confectionery products in a way as sophisticated as in jeweller’s shops.

Last time, while paying a visit in the Middle East, we found a beautiful chocolate boutique which seems to follow that trend. In its unusual interiors, visitors are delighted with the diversity of products and at the same time marvel at the precision and effort put into preparing each separate chocolate which resembles a small sculpture.

We have also tasted small chocolates with an ice cream filling. Chocolates wrapped in colourful paper (each of a different flavour) ensure refreshment during heat waves so common in the Arabian Peninsula.

Undoubtedly, the sweets constitute the chief asset of the place. However, the consistent interior design is equally impressing. The colour of dark chocolate perfectly matches turquoise chosen for the decorative elements on the walls and the service counter. Here, you can relax comfortably in armchairs of the same colour. The design perfectly matches the chosen counter display from the Lenari product line, Limicola, which guarantees a suitable temperature range and humidity for very sensitive products.

The counters were provided to Beirut by ES SYSTEM K.


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