28 kwietnia 2015

Salone Del Mobile

28 kwietnia 2015

Sweets in the Arabic World

28 kwietnia 2015

„A balanced diet is a cake in each hand” – so say the owners of the charming CREPICO café in Beirut. This is a place where calories really don’t count; we sampled the deliciously aromatic coffee, we literally licked our plates clean after their Ice Cream Trio, we gorged on crepes, waffles and cookies down to the last crumb, and we even stuck our fingers in the chocolate fountain.

We met the owners in April 2015 at the HoReCa fair in Beirut. They were looking for mint-colored refrigerated counters, and they loved the possibility of dedicated lighting solutions (among others) that we here at Sweet Tooth are able to offer.

CREPICO is an out-of-this-world place, beautifully decorated, no compromise, with top-notch visual identification, the logo on cups, napkins, even the door handles. And those sweet aphorisms everywhere you look: „Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate” 

CREPICO is heaven for lovers of good taste, both in the figurative sense of design, and in the literal sense of sweets things to eat. Just imagine what will happen when they instal a Limosa ice-cream counter ( and lighting fixtures ( all in that beautiful, fresh mint color … While we’re waiting, we officially award them a Sweet Tooth Certificate and highly recommend a visit the next time you’re in the Middle East.

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