13 kwietnia 2015

Sweets in the Arabic World

13 kwietnia 2015


13 kwietnia 2015

As we’ve said before, attention to detail is our hobby horse. This even applies to the choice of apron for staff in cafes, cake shops, and bakeries. And we’ve found someone who has completely shocked us in this regard, someone who has proved that an apron can be a fashion statement, and element creating an image, even part of a whole worldview, and of course … can be a sign of a definite sweet tooth! Below are a few words from the creators themselves, exclusively for

COOKie makes the word „apron” take on a new, even sensual, meaning. The COOKie Collection has won over many a heart, and has proved that you can feel stylish, even sexy, when cooking or working at a refrigerated counter. The project was created for women and men that feel attractive, who don’t want to give up that attractiveness while carrying out tasks such as cooking or baking cakes. Some the first models that we’ve introduced are JULIETTA, CARLA, BORYS, PEDRO, MELANIA, NATASZA, LOLA and BEATRICE, each undoubtedly with its own charms and personality.

Each model is an original project where every detail has been carefully thought out, from the use of unusual fabrics, through the cut, down to the name itself. There’s never been anything like it on the kitchen, cooking, and sweets market.

We like a fearless approach to protective clothing and that’s why we recommend this surprising and elegant element to our customers.

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